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Spring Decorating Inspiration throughout the Home

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Spring is a time for new beginnings. The blooming of plants and trees and the greening of the grass is such an exciting time! Here in Minnesota it can sometimes take a while to warm up in the spring – which is the case this year unfortunately. But we can’t hide our excitement for spring any longer and have finished decorating our homes!

Once winter is over, we look forward to adding color pretty much everywhere! So with the help of Amara’s “A by Amara” products we were able to bring you some fun spring inspirations using one of our favorite shades – Blue!

Whether it’s a bright blue, light blue, or shades of aqua or teal, we really love our blue. In Kristen’s home she loves to decorate with teal, with pops of greenery from plants throughout. We kept that in mind when choosing the products to highlight from Amara’s new line of decor.

When redecorating for the season, we always find it easiest to start with an “almost” blank slate. After a quick spring cleaning on Vicki’s porch we then put the furniture that is used the most back on. After adding the basics of what needed to stay on the porch (ahem…chairs are a must on any front porch!) we could then begin adding the small pieces to decorate for spring!

The metal lanterns were two of our favorite pieces from this line – which we thought would work perfectly for spring! We then added the two blue colored pots on Vicki’s hanging lantern. While it is too chilly in Minnesota for a real plant, we found these pretty faux picks to use until it warms up. A nice throw blanket for the chilliness and comfy pillows in our favorite colors topped it all off!

In Kristen’s kitchen we kept the bright spring color trend going! Amara’s Luis collection of dishes is another of our favorites and we frequently use these in our tablescapes. We added the beautiful aqua tapas plate on top, along with some gorgeous blue water glasses to the table.

And aren’t those pops of pink so fun! Can it get any more “spring-y” than that?! The pink is pretty bright in here, but with the almost all neutral palette in Kristen’s kitchen it is easy to add for that dash of excitement. And it complements well with all the aqua, and blue.

All around the house a bunch of flowers and greenery were added for spring as well. Can you believe those flowers in the vase are faux? They are some of the best faux flowers we have seen. And that vase! It has the coolest texture to it. The subdued blue color of it goes along really well with all of the pops of brighter color we have elsewhere.

We haven’t really shared Kristen’s living room on the blog previously, but with it nearing completion we thought it would be the perfect time to share for more spring decorating inspiration! Straight past Kristen’s dining room is a large case opening into the living room. While it’s a bit narrow, their pretty sectional makes the living space cozy. Add in all those magnificent pillows and you have a comfort haven of sorts!

Again we started with our “almost” blank slate in the living. While we knew all the furniture had to stay, most of the decor got rearranged or added to brighten up the neutral palette. Aqua and mint pillows with different embroidery and appliques from Amara’s line lend the perfect touch for spring!

It’s hard to choose just one of those pillows as our favorite since they were all equally amazing! But we can tell you one thing about Amara products, they are some of the highest quality pieces we have seen. They are definitely top-notch and worth every penny. And that aloe plant looks real doesn’t it?!

It was pretty ironic that the day after we took the photos of Vicki’s beautifully decorated porch we got a huge snowstorm here in Minnesota! We couldn’t believe it – it is April after all! But while snow in April isn’t completely unheard of in our part of the region, we then got to stay cozied up indoors decorating for spring, only dreaming of the warm days ahead of us.

Please spring, come to Minnesota!

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