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Market Recap – Our Booth and Setting up Shop

Come have a peek at our beautiful booth!

Hey All!

We are back from the Market and reflecting on our time there. We wished to share all the pretty pictures of everything we brought with all of our followers – Yes you! It was quite the rollercoaster – full of ups and downs, but we learned a lot, met some new friends, and came back optimistic for the future!

If any of you have ever gone to a pop-up sale, or market, or have even sold at one – you probably realize how much work they are. Factor in watching a 5 month old and a 15 month old while getting ready for the show! Haha, boy did we have some fun times though working with those two little girls! It was a time of singing and dancing while painting to entertain them, or allowing them to play in the dog food to give us just one more minute! We wouldn’t trade those busy days for anything.

We got it all done, took a ton of inventory to the market (As you can see) and created pieces that all go pretty well together to make a full cohesive collection. We loved the classic colors that go well in any room, but then had a couple items that really popped with color! (Ahem, that custom color teal cabinet for example!)

After laying out the big pieces on paper to make sure everything would fit, we just started adding all of our small items in, on top of, and around all the furniture! This was the fun part, we had such a great time creating small vignettes and stuffing pillows into every corner possible! Sometimes a little creativity was needed to hang something, or lean another item, but we made it all work!

With the exception of a few “found” antique items, everything in the booth is restyled or handmade by us. How cool is that?! Every one of our fabulous customers who purchased from us definitely received a one-of-a-kind piece that nobody else will have!

More News!

And for those of you who live somewhat close to the Southeastern corner of Minnesota, here is just a little taste of what you will be seeing in our store, which will be opening in the spring!

We are so excited! We just can’t wait! The weekend after the show was spent moving our workshop from Vicki’s garage to our shop. And right now we need to go shopping to get lights for the place. Then we have a couple wall treatments we would like to incorporate, but we will see what we can get finished. The store is actually fairly well stocked already…but we have so many more pieces we want to make sure we have finished for our Grand Opening! So stay tuned everyone, these are exciting times!

We can’t wait to be able to welcome you into our storefront, to chit chat decor, and to help you find the perfect pieces for your homes. And for those of you who follow us from afar, watch for our online shop! We are also putting together some inventory for you to shop right from your homes 🙂

1/04/18 – UPDATE! We now have an Etsy Shop! You can see similar items to these HERE.



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