3 In $100 Room Challenge/ Room Makeover

Different Wall Organizers for the Craft Room – $100 Room Challenge Week 3

And it’s week 3 of the $100 Room Challenge! Holy smokes this month has just flown by! All the other bloggers who are participating in the challenge really have some great progress on all of their rooms. We can’t wait to see all the new makeovers next week! Make sure to stop by some of our friends sites to see their progress. (The links are below).

If you missed the last couple weeks, or want a reminder of what we are doing here take a peek at the last couple of weeks here:

Week 1Week 2 

We have to be honest with you, friends, we have been a bit lost on this makeover… Not lost in the way of not wanting to do it, but lost in the way of being so indecisive we can’t get anything done! We have tossed around so many ideas that we can’t decide on one course of action. It’s been difficult, but we think we finally have a plan that we can stick to!

So for this week, we did some more organizing with three different wall organizers. A wooden cubby we found in a closet, a metal organizer we had to put together, and a pegboard organizer we made! This is exactly what we needed for this room. All of these were items we had on hand – we haven’t even touched the budget yet!

We have a bunch of pegboard we previously purchased just for this purpose, to organize tools and supplies. What we did was add a couple skinny boards to the back of the board so it sits away from the wall a bit. But we didn’t want to see those ugly cleats we created…so we framed out the pegboard to make it a bit prettier! This was pretty much the simplest project ever. This organizer is above the desk and will hold items needed for sewing.

The white wall organizer we found in the closet was hung above the dresser and is holding all of our gorgeous ribbons and trims! In reality this is just a fraction of all the ribbons we have, so we will have to find more room for the extras… Probably in one of those spacious drawers in the dresser.

Across the room on the other way was where we added the multi-cubby wooden organizer we found. We still aren’t done with this wall yet. It is very bare on the bottom, however we don’t know if we will have room for anything there. We are waiting for our table we are creating in before we add more items. We also still have a lot of cubbies left to put MORE items in! We just need to gather everything and put it away.

So to recap our $100 craft room – we have NOT touched the budget yet, HOWEVER, we still don’t have a table and chairs. So that is probably where it will go. We now have a solid plan of what we are going to build – and it’s going to be a mixture of drawers we found and a top we have to make. We still have so much left to do! Will we be able to make it?! Let’s hope so! Stay tuned with us until the reveal next week! But in the meantime, get caught up with all of our friends!

See you next week!

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  • Reply
    September 23, 2018 at 7:58 am

    Those organizers are great! It’s so fun when you can find things that look good and are functional, especially when they weren’t being utilized already and you don’t have to buy them! Can’t wait to see it all put together.

  • Reply
    September 23, 2018 at 8:47 am

    That wall cubby is so beautiful! Can’t wait to see the reveal!

  • Reply
    Kathy King
    December 1, 2018 at 3:32 pm

    Where did you find the fantastic metal piece you used for ribbon organization?

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