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It’s All in the Details – A Beautifully Ornate Table

Our ornate parlor table got a major update.

We knew from the very beginning that this table was special. Just look at all those beautiful details! But of course, just like any other piece in our large collection of furniture, it needed some love.

Just look at those lovely before pictures. You can tell this has some potential for sure.

While getting ready for the market we were selling at, we picked out pieces that we thought went together well. Then we sat down and discussed each piece to come up with a plan for what we wanted to do. We wanted to essentially create a collection of furniture. Items that aren’t necessarily the same but that compliment each other well.

While deciding what to do with this beauty we knew that accentuating those exquisite details were a must! So we did up a couple sample boards and loved the idea of doing a darker top with a lighter bottom. But there are so many different ways to accentuate the details, we just couldn’t decide! Should we use wax, a wash, gilding…so many possibilities!

Well, we decided to use the paint “wash” technique which is one of our favorites, and is very easy to do. It is essentially watered down paint you put over your base coat and then lightly wipe off. The paint then stays in the recessed areas where your rag doesn’t reach to wipe.

Once the wash was dry I decided to go back over the raised areas and dry brushed a little white in order to highlight the details just a little bit more!

We just love this little piece and can’t wait to see it go to it’s forever home!



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    Florence @ Vintage Southern Picks
    December 27, 2017 at 7:15 pm

    That is a lovely table and I love the paint treatment you gave it! So many details to accentuate and you did a great job. I’m sure that will sell in a heartbeat.

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