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An Antique Vanity and Dresser Set

We are starting out our 2019 furniture makeovers with a bang!

We have heard of so many people who have put two similar pieces together to create a matching set. While these two pieces came into our store from two different avenues, when they were sitting next to each other in the store they were so similar that we knew they would be perfect together! And now we have the perfect antique vanity and dresser set!

Here is what they looked like Before:

We felt like they both looked a bit dull and dreery. But we could definitely see the potential in them!

It started off with this beautiful little antique vanity that I couldn’t believe someone was getting rid of. It was in such good shape for it’s age I was pretty astounded. (On the back of the mirror the year 1867 is stamped.) The drawers all slid easily, it was all solid wood, and didn’t have much for scratches, dents, or gouges. Perfect!


After thinking on it for a while we decided we wanted to go bold and create a custom blended teal color. It was a bit deeper and darker in color than our previously teal painted furniture pieces. (Find them HERE and HERE)

It was pretty fun to mix together a couple colors to create a teal we loved. We tried about 3 or 4 samples so now we have a bunch of pretty teals we can try in the future too! But for these two antique pieces we wanted a deep impact instead of really bright.

Once they were painted with a couple coats of our pretty teal we decided to accent all those antique details with a little black wax. We loved the way the wax looked over the teal so we decided to add it over the entire piece to deepen it even further. We paid a little more attention to the details to make sure they stood out the way we wanted them to.


And those all-natural legs! Whoohoo! Look at those! They were so beautiful in the natural state that I decided to leave them. I got some strange looks from my sisters and my dad when I was painting the whole piece but leaving the legs plain. It’s just too funny when my dad comes into the shop and questions what the heck we are doing! I love it 🙂

But the natural legs look wonderful when it’s all said and done. I’m a big fan of two toned pieces when part of it is left wood!

We then moved on to the dresser and it’s gorgeous details! We were hoping to keep her legs natural as well, since they were almost identical, however they were too scratched and gouged in order to that. We had to repair them instead.

Besides the very similar details that tie these two together, the original hardware on both were also almost identical! Whoohoo! And when they were cleaned and shined up to a brilliant gold, you would never have guessed that they didn’t come together at one point.

We hope you love our teal painted antique vanity and dresser set we created! We are absolutely loving the deep hues right now which are definitely trending in 2019! Watch out for even more beautifully painted pieces from us this year. We have a bunch of antiques, name brand, and absolutely special furniture pieces on our docket for this year and we can’t wait to show them ALL to you! You can get the latest sneak peeks of us in the shop by following our Instagram stories. Otherwise here is a link to our Etsy store where you can purchase our furniture and home decor!

P.S. If you love our Vanity and Dresser set so much, your in luck! They are for sale! Buy both, or just one, your choice. Find them HERE, in our Etsy shop.



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